Engin de Débarquement

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The Mavi Deniz Landing Craft is designed according to the shipowner, class requirement, and flag operations.  Landing Craft suitable for Professional Works, Transportation, Oil Spill Response, Survey, Diving, Fisheries Research, Military operations. Landing Craft is a highly maneuverable platform and a shallow draft underway Landing Craft material is aluminum or steel.

The design can be modified to suit the shipowner requirement  with – without a cabin + Diving + Moon Pool + Fire Canon + Towing Hook +Bollard Pull, Cargo Deck Capacity + A-Frame + Davit + Winches + Crane + Fender + Generator + Anchoring + Storage + Side – Bow Door + Interior or exterior design.

Landing Craft can be powered with any propulsion system; mono or twin-engine, inboard-outboards, sterndrive, waterjet or fixed pitch propeller

After we delivered vessel, you will see the same performance and quality years and years later not changed, there is one reason to catch the performance and quality, We don’t choose cheap products, pick the best material and products for building the Landing Craft Boat + Landing Craft Vessel, and also choose the best workers, engineers. We can arrange the designs for your operational profile and requirements.


  • Landing Craft Boat + Landing Craft Vessel, Ideal for operations in marine terminals, ports, and rivers.
  • Landing Craft, All welded marine grade aluminum construction.
  • Landing Craft has a Large and flat deck for cargo capacity.
  • Drop down bow ramp
  • Shallow draft, superior maneuverability.
  • High transit speeds with relatively low power input. ,
  • Variety of wheelhouse/console designs.
  • For Landing Craft Custom sizes available.

  • Landing Craft 4
  • Landing Craft 5
  • Landing Craft 9
  • Landing Craft 10
  • Landing Craft 11
  • Landing Craft 1