Absorbent Pad | Oil – Chemical – Universal

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Our Absorbent Pad is designed to absorb Chemical, Oil, and universal spills. Absorbent Pad is the fastest way to clean up a spill. Absorbent Pad is available in a range of different weights and materials. Oil Absorbent Pad, Universal Absorbent Pad, and Chemical Absorbent Pad material provide for rapid capillary action and excellent absorbent capacity and retention.

Oil Absorbent Pad designed for adsorbs petroleum-based liquids and repelled water. Oil Absorbent Pad recommended using on minor on water oil spills and in-plant use. Excellent for pipelines, shipyards, ship and yachts decks, factories, industrial plants, loading docks, machine and maintenance shops, fire departments, municipal spill response or anywhere liquid, chemical or oil spills occur. Oil absorbent Pad is always easily placed and retrieved. Available in blue or white, for heavy and light weights oils.

Universal Absorbent Pad designed to absorbents to clean-up oils, coolants, solvents, and water-based fluids anywhere in your facility. Around machinery, under leaky pipes or fittings, in messy traffic areas, for general maintenance projects – they are your first choice for indoor spill control. Plus, Universal Absorbent Pad gray color masks spills and stains – helping you resist the urge to pick up the absorbent before it is fully saturated. Available in grey color for heavy and light weights Oils.

Chemical Absorbent Pad made a base of highly absorbent meltblown polypropylene.  Chemical Absorbent Pad is available in a wide range of formats, are lightweight and nominally dust-free. Chemical Absorbent Pad has a high absorption capacity which minimizes the amount of waste for disposal. The chemical absorbent Pad is suitable for adsorbing a wide range of liquids including specific acids, bases, coolants, petroleum-based fluids, non-aggressive chemicals, and aqueous based solutions. Available in yellow color for heavy and light weights Chemicals.


  • Hydrophobic
  • Anti-static
  • Cost-effective solution to cleaning up spills, leaks, and drips
  • Absorbent Pad has the Absorption Power, Absorbs up to 25 times its weight in oil and other related liquids.
  • Hydrophobic, Repels water to absorb only petroleum and other related fluids selectively.
  • Lint Free, No contamination of vital machine parts
  • Absorbent Pads are Quick Wicking Speed, Reducing downtime for cleanup
  • Superior Retention, Liquids are held tightly to prevent the recurrence of a spill.
  • Absorbent Pads are Low Ash Content, Incinerable, minimizing your waste stream.


Mavi Pad 80Mavi Pad 120Mavi Pad 150Mavi Pad 200Mavi Pad 250Mavi Pad 300
Weight80 g120 g150 g200 g250 g300 g
Absorbed to Weight RatioUp to 20 times its own weight
Quantity100 - 200 - 400100 - 200 - 400100 - 200 - 400100 - 200 - 400100 - 200 - 400100 - 200 - 400
Size40 x 5040 x 5040 x 5040 x 5040 x 5040 x 50
ColourWhite, Blue, Yellow, Grey
TypeWhite = Oil | Blue = Oil | Grey = Universal| Yellow = Chemical