Mooring Buoy


Our Mooring Buoy consists of four parts in the total buoying system: the body of the buoy, mooring and anchoring elements, product transfer system and other components.

Mooring Buoy, Body

Mooring Buoy body usually is supported on static legs attached to the seabed, with a rotating part above water level connected to the ( off ) loading tanker. The two sections are linked by a roller bearing, referred to as the “main bearing.” The moored tanker can move weathervane freely around the buoy and find a stable position due to this arrangement.

Mooring Buoy, Mooring and anchoring parts

Moorings fix the buoy to the seabed. Mooring Buoy design must account for the behavior of the buoy given applicable wind, wave, and current conditions and tanker sizes. That determines the optimum mooring arrangement and scope of the various mooring leg components. Anchoring points are substantially dependent on local soil condition.

Mooring Buoy, Mooring components

Anchors or piles – To connect the mooring to the seabed
Sinker or anchor chain joint to buoy (SPM)
Anchor chain
Chain stoppers – To attach the chains to the buoy