Inflatable Rubber Dam Barrier

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Mavideniz  Inflatable Rubber Dam Barrier designed to solve numerous water problems, such as drinking water supply, hydroelectric power, Irrigation, Flood control, Water cooling, Recreational, Groundwater recharging, Navigation channels, agriculture, industry, wastewater, Separation of fresh and seawater., as well as tidal sea problems. The use of the rubber dam barrier seems to be feasible in the central plains for the management and use of rivers, increasing the storage capacity of concrete dams and diversion and storage of water. Due to the unique condition and circumstance of the mountainous area, rubber dams are a practical replacement for other water management systems.

The Control Panel of Inflatable Rubber Dam Barrier is essential for each rubber dam. Our  Inflatable Rubber Dam can be a fully automatic or manual system that can modify according to client or project requirements and use the ultrasonic sensor to detect water level inflation and deflation. Inflatable Dam height can arrange up to 6m.


  • Low acquisition cost
  • The rubber dam  safe and user-friendly operation
  • UV treated high-quality EPDM withstands icing and harsh climates.
  • The resistance of these dams to environmental factors such as water, pollutants, saline, and alkaline waters, toxic residues, sewage, and acids
  • Low maintenance and service requirements and low operation cost
  • Life expectancy of 30 to 40 years based on various international applications
  • No adverse impacts on the environment because of its operation without any oils and lubricants
  • Led Lighting
  • High resistance against the occurrence of vibrations in the case of overflowing water, increased if needed by non-vulcanized baffles