Trash Rack Cleaner – Cleaning Machine


Mavideniz designs manufacture, and services worldwide specialized with Trash Rack Cleaner, Cleaning Machine for the trash screen and regulation of water in hydroelectric power plants, in land reclamation, works, and in systems for the collection, management, and treatment of water. Trash Rack Cleaning Machine is the family of products by Mavideniz designed and supplied for automatic and continuous Trash Rack cleaning.

Trash Cleaner Arm Types

  • Single arm column type cleaning machine
  • Single arm cleaning machine
  • Double arm cleaning machine
  • Double arm Telescopic cleaning machine
  • Double arm, dual Piston cleaning machine

Support Stand

The rigidly designed heavy steel support stand can be bolted directly to the operating platform.

Trash Cleaner Boom

The boom connects to the support stand by two axles with flange bearings to permit the required rotation. Despite life-long lubrication, these flange bearings are also furnished with grease nipples. Both arms are fabricated of heavy-wall steel tubing, which offers exceptionally high torsional strength.

Trash Rake

The trash rake cleaner head is comprised of an angular steel profile, to which a wiper edge is fastened, ensuring thorough Trash Rack cleaning and removal of even the smallest pieces of debris. Perfect alignment of the Trash Rack bars is not essential since the cleaning rake does not engage in-between the steel bars.

Hydraulic Power Unit

The hydraulic power system provides the oil pressure necessary to operate the servomotors. Pressure relief valves provide overload protection. Specially formulated environmentally safe hydraulic oil can be used.


With the Hydraulic crane, you can easily handle logs, and other huge trashes with its big bucket. The size of the crane or bucket can be arranged for your requirements.

Control Functions

The control system supplied assures fully automatic operation for the Trash Rack

Trash Cleaner 2Trash Cleaner 4Trash Cleaner 6Trash Cleaner 8Trash Cleaner 10
Width0 m to 2 mt0 m to 4 mt0 m to 6 mt1 m to 8 mt0 m to 10 mt
Cleaning depth0 m to 30 m0 m to 30 m0 m to 30 m0 m to 30 m0 m to 30 m
Rack carrying capacitymin. 700 kg
Rack inclination15 – 90°
Driven byElectric or Hydraulic
MaterialEpoxy Painted Carbon Steel
Capacity400 to 1000 T / Daily