Hydraulic Power Pack – Engine Driven

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The Mavi Deniz engine driven Hydraulic Power Pack designed to convert a primary drive source into a hydraulic fluid flow for supplying the hydraulic power required to use the boom reels, winches, skimmers, pumps and capable of powering a wide variety of construction tools.

Pressure control valves, limit or control the hydraulic pressure within the hydraulic system. Directional Control hydraulic valves: manual, electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic operated valves direct the oil flow around the system to operate actuators, motors or other functions.

Hydraulic Power Pack has the European standard EN 1834-1:2000 covering diesel engine operation in Zone 1, or Zone 2 hazardous areas where flammable gas or vapor may exist.

Hydraulic Power Pack come in a wide range of power ratings and are made to be portable with an open frame on wheels, with a closed structure, bespoke power pack, skid frame power pack, containerized power pack, trailer mounted power pack

The Mavi Deniz Power Packs are made using the best components available guaranteeing a long lifetime with worldwide service and delivery of spare parts at short notice. Hydraulic Power Pack designed and made in Turkey

Features | Options

  • The wide range of power options
  • Single or dual control circuits
  • Compact, Low Noise & environmentally friendly.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ergonomic control panel
  • Simple corrosion resistant brass quick connect fittings
  • Local or Remote Operations, via Wireless Controller
  • Attractive powder coated finish
  • Heavy duty wheels for easy transport
  • Built with world-class components.
  • Diesel | Gasoline | Gas | Hybrid
  • Standard | Portable | Trailer | Skid Mounted
PowerWeightEngine Type Flow & PressureReservoir
PP 5 4.8 hp 75 kgTier 3-4 Air Cooled Diesel13 L/min & 120 bar15 lt
PP 7 7 hp100 kgTier 3-4 Air Cooled Diesel19 L/min & 120 bar20 lt
PP 10 10 hp125 kgTier 3-4 Air Cooled Diesel27 L/min & 250 bar25 lt
PP 15 15 hp195 kgTier 3-4 Air Cooled Diesel35 L/min & 250 bar30 lt
PP 20 20 hp215 kgTier 3-4 Liquid Cooled Diesel40 L/min & 250 bar95 lt
PP 2525 Hp325 kgTier 3-4 Liquid Cooled Diesel55 L/min & 250 bar55 lt
PP 5050 hp386 kgTier 3-4 Liquid Cooled Diesel140 L/min & 250 bar90 lt
PP 80 80 hp523 kgTier 3-4 Liquid Cooled Diesel150 L/min & 250 bar160 lt
PP 120 120 hp850 kgTier 3-4 Liquid Cooled Diesel180 L/min & 250 bar200 lt
PP 150150 hp900 kgTier 3-4 Liquid Cooled Diesel200 L/min & 250 bar225 lt
PP 200200 hp950 kgTier 3-4 Liquid Cooled Diesel250 L/min & 250 bar250 lt
PP 225 225 hp950 kgTier 3-4 Liquid Cooled Diesel280 L/min & 250 bar275 lt
PP 250250 hp1050 kgTier 3-4 Liquid Cooled Diesel350 L/min & 250 bar300 lt
OptionalStandard | Portable | Trailer | Skid Mounted
Diesel | Gasoline | Ex Proof