Aquatic Plant Boom

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Mavi Deniz has designed unique aquatic plant boom to prevent the migration here below onto shorelines or tourist beaches ;

  • Sargassum (also known as Sargasso),
  • Seaweed,
  • Blue-green algae,
  • Red Brown tides,
  • Debris,

Aquatic Plant Boom design allows for water movement, but curtain mesh prevents the sargassum seaweed invasion on the Mediterranean Sea, Florida, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico beaches. Mavi Deniz manufactures Aquatic Plant Barrier to install along with coastal and inland water areas for beach resorts, hotels, and parks to contain, exclude, or deflect Sargassum, seaweed, algae, and debris before it reaches the shoreline.

Each year during the spring and summer months, Sargassum, a brown, stinky seaweed, is invading resorts and private beaches in the Caribbean, Mediterranean Sea, Mexico, and Florida. Typically, cooler weather slows down the algae’s growth, but as water temperatures rise the seaweed is more and more likely to flourish and deluge shores and increase in sewage wastes being washed into the ocean are fueling the algae blooms.

This floating aquatic plant, also known as gulfweed or sea holly, is drifting up from the Sargasso Sea in ocean currents. While it provides shelter for many forms of marine life, it has become a nightmare for the tourism industry.

The brown Sargassum washes up on the shore and piles up, sometimes as high as 3 to 4 feet. That is usually a seasonal problem. Once this invasive aquatic plant reaches the beach, it begins to decompose, emitting a dreadful odour. Cleaning the Sargassum from the beach is costly and disruptive to the tourism industry and nesting sea turtles. From 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., noisy
dump trucks haul the smelly Sargassum from the resorts to clean the beaches for the next day’s beach-goers. Removing the Sargassum from the beaches is a constant battle. The situation is resulting in unhappy tourists and devastated resort owners due to cancellations.

Seasonal Floating Boom – Seasonal (non-permanent) beach protection

If you’re looking for a seasonal (non-permanent) solution to keep beaches clean of Sargassum, red tides, blue-green algae bloom (cyanobacteria), brown tide or other plants and debris. Our design and manufacturing process provides you with a floating seaweed barrier that delivers superior results and will outlast the competitors.

Calm Water, Moving Water, and Fast Water models are available.

Type I: Calm waters with little currents, such as lakes, ponds, canals and shoreline areas
Type II: Rivers, streams, open lakes and shorelines moderate current moving in one direction
Type III: Exposed areas subject to current, wind and tides.

Semi-Permanent Floating Boom – Longer term or rough water application +Open Water, Ocean areas

If you have rough water conditions or need a long-term solution, we recommend the Permanent Seaweed Boom for floating debris or seaweed problems. Build from robust marine grade materials; our boom explicitly designs for extended use. Permanent seaweed boom provides a reliable and effective barrier to protect your beach area from floating trash or garbage, sargassum
seaweed, brown or red tides, and other debris. The containment boom keeps unwanted floating debris away by acting as a shield, intercepting the algae and debris before it reaches your beach.

For Seasonal Use
TYPE I (Calm Water)TYPE II (Moving Water)TYPE III (Fast Water)
Curtain Depth1 m – 5 m1 m – 10 m1 m – 20 m
Flotation Size150 mm (6”)200 mm (8”)300 mm (12”)
Skirt MaterialPVC or Geotexile or PVC / Geotexile
Ballast5 mm (3/16”) Galvanized Chain8 mm (5/16”) Galvanized Chain8 mm( 5/16”) Galvanized Chain
Section Length25 m
ColourYellow, Orange or Black
For Semi-Permanent use
Curtain Depth50 cm + Mesh Depth ( 1 - 5 m )80 cm + Mesh Depth ( 1 - 10 m )100 cm + Mesh Depth ( 1 - 20 m )
Flotation Size150 mm (6”)200 mm (8”)300 mm (12”)
Skirt MaterialPVC coated Polyester belting fabric with Marine growth inhibitors or Heavy-duty neoprene rubber
Ballast5 mm (3/16”) Galvanized Chain8 mm (5/16”) Galvanized Chain8 mm( 5/16”) Galvanized Chain
Section Length25 m
ColourYellow, Orange or Black

Aquatic Plant Boom

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Aquatic Plant Boom


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