Flood Control Barrier

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The Mavideniz Flood Control Barrier consists of PVC tubes, filled with water. The Mavideniz Flood Control Barrier can control flood up to 2.5 m height. Flood Control Barrier designed to divert up to 100% of floodwaters. Flood Barrier can use for flood control & prevention, dam rehabilitation, boat ramp ( construction & repair), footings ( bridge, pier, canal ), pipeline crossing, stream diversion, pond liner repair, remediation, Haz-Mat, wetland restoration, construction projects, lake restoration.

The Mavideniz Flood Control Barrier is much more efficient than sandbags; no heavy equipment required; therefore, protecting our environment and with no environmental damage at all, entirely environmentally friendly. Flood Control Barrier can be installed far quicker, at a fraction of the cost. Also, Flood Control Barrier is flexible and quickly deployed, making it ideal as a flood barrier for fast response to flood threats or prevention. For installation of Flood Control Barrier, require only portable pumps, an onsite water supply, and two or more laborers depending on the size of the project. Sections of the Flood Barrier can be quickly joined together to create longer parts of the protective barrier. Section length can arrange up to 50m for your requirements. The 15-meter long section is only 25 kilograms when empty. Flood Barrier can ready to deploy within 90 seconds.


  • Mobile flood protection
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Easy to clean and reusable
  • The low operation, storage, and logistics cost
  • Protection height and length can arrange for your requirements
  • Applicable to ISO standards
  • UV Resistant + Chemical Resistant
Flood IFlood IIFlood III
Application AreaShoreShoreShore
Overall Height500 mm750 mm1000 mm
Max Water Level500 mm750 mm1000 mm
Fabric Material1100 dtex, PVC (Standard) | PU (Optional)
Fabric Weight900 g/m²900 g/m²900 g/m²
Tensile Strenght4000 N/5 cm4000 N/5 cm4000 N/5 cm
Section LengthMinimum Lenght 5 mt
ConnectorASTM Z or ASTM Universal