Cylindrical Boom

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Cylindrical Boom designed for spill response operations and suitable for inland waters, open seas, high-current waters.  Cylindrical Boom equipped with cylindrical shape foam floats and also Cylindrical Boom doesn’t have vertical high-frequency weldings. Cylindrical Boom has the high buoyancy to weight ratio, and even the shape of the oil boom provides excellent stability in the wave and windy conditions.

Cylindrical Boom has PVC or PU coated fabrics that are resistance to hydrocarbons, chemical and weather conditions. The cylindrical boom fitted with ASTM connectors.

Cylindrical 950Cylindrical 800Cylindrical 650Cylindrical 500Cylindrical 350
Overall Height950 mm800 mm650 mm500 mm350 mm
Freeboard350 mm300 mm250 mm200 mm150 mm
Draft600 mm500 mm400 mm300 mm200 mm
Section Length25 m25 m25 m - 15 m25 m - 15 m25 m - 15 m