Oil Barrier Boom | Permanent Boom


Oil Barrier Boom is permanent containment boom is designed to protect Port facilities, loading marine terminals, refineries, power plants, and marinas.

Oil Barrier Boom features long-term durability, excellent resistance to ultraviolet, wave action and marine growth with very little maintenance.

Oil Barrier Boom is an extremely durable, low maintenance oil spill boom designed for permanent installation in harbors, hydroelectric plants, tidal inlets, dams, lagoons, docks, piers, oil rigs, vessels and other facilities where spills are possible.

Oil Barrier Boom has established a reputation for rugged durability and top performance in controlling oil spills and debris. Some of our installations have been in continuous service for over 15 years.


  • Oil Barrier Boom is high-quality, long-term use at a reasonable and can stay in the water for many long years
  • Best durable boom for the containment of both debris & oil and other floating pollutants
  • Constructed of self-extinguishing and non-corrosive materials
  • Excellent resistance to ultraviolet
  • Excellent resistance to wave action and marine growth with low maintenance
  • Easy to use an open/close system to allow vessels to enter and leave the protected area
  • Engineered dock, port, and facility installations
Oil 1200OIL 1000Oil 900OIL 800OIL 600Oil 500
Overall height1200 mm1000 mm900 mm800 mm600 mm500 mm
Freeboard300 mm300 mm250 mm250 mm200 mm150 mm
Draft800 mm700 mm650 mm550 mm400 mm350 mm
Section Length15 / 25 / 50 mt15 / 25 / 50 mt15 / 25 / 50 mt15 / 25 / 50 mt15 / 25 / 50 mt15 / 25 / 50 mt