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Mavi Deniz’s Oil Fence Boom is a robust flotation boom that offers economical, well-proven oil containment. Oil Fence Boom’s Model ranges from sheltered/calm waters and low current conditions through the open water oil containment.

Oil Fence Boom is a solid buoyancy. The oil fence-type boom consists of a flexible skirt, flat flotation for spill containment and recovery operation in relatively protected waters and calm waters. Oil Fence Boom can deploy from barges, boats, docks, trailers, or a person wading and has universal aluminum lightweight tool-free connectors that interconnect with other ASTM connectors.

Oil Fence Boom is one of the most economically priced booms available while still providing excellent performance and durability.

Oil Fence Boom offers the smallest storage volume of solid float boom types and can store on pallets, containers, or boom reels. Systems are incorporating storage/deployment boxes, towing bridles, anchor systems, and repair kits.


  • Oil Fence Boom is Ideal for operations in ports, harbors, inland and coastal where a quick response is required
  • Oil Fence Boom is available in a wide range of heavy-duty vinyl-coated polyester / PU coated fabrics
  • Symmetrical closed cell foam floats ( HDPE ) ensures a smooth external profile for superior oil containment
  • Marine-grade aluminum connectors with ASTM standards
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel ballast chain/lead blocks
  • Custom sizes available

OF 1500OF 1200OF 1100OF 1000OF 750OF 500
Application AreaOffshoreOffshoreHarbour, CoastalHarbour, InshoreHarbour, InshoreLake, River, Pond
Overall Height1500 mm1200 mm1100 mm1000 mm750 mm500 mm
Freeboard500 mm400 mm350 mm300 mm250 mm200 mm
Draft1000 mm800 mm750 mm700 mm500 mm300 mm
Fabric Material1100 dtex, PVC (Standard) | PU (Optional)
Fabric Weight650 g/m²650 g/m²650 g/m²650 g/m²650 g/m²650 g/m²
Tensile Strenght2100 N/5 cm2100 N/5 cm2100 N/5 cm2100 N/5 cm2100 N/5 cm2100 N/5 cm
BallastGalvanized Chain
Section Length25 m25 m25 m25 m25 m25 m
ConnectorASTM Z or ASTM Universal

Oil Fence Boom

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Oil Fence Boom


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