River Trash Barrier

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Mavideniz’s Trash Barrier is designed to prevent water pollution. Trash Barrier holds all floating trash and debris that stops, control, and collect waste and debris. Trash Barrier is ideal for permanent installation in HES (hydroelectric power plants), tidal inlets, rivers, marine, harbors, and dams.

Trash Barrier Boom is an extremely durable, low maintenance barrier. Manufacture in robust materials to withstand the harsh effects of abrasion, UV, oil, and marine degradation. The heavy-duty HDPE nets can be added underneath to provide ultimate stopping of trashes and increased height under the water level. Lead weights ballast trash Barrier or a galvanized chain can place under each pair of floats. ASTM Connectors provide as standard at the end of each section.

Trash Barrier Boom molded heavy-duty polyethylene floats that attach to the rubber base fabric by corrosion resistant fittings. The heavy-duty floats can fill with foam as an option to provide ultimate reliability and increase buoyancy. The floats can unbolt from the base fabric for cleaning, and if necessarily damaged, floats can replace. Anchor eyebolts can provide at regular intervals adjacent to the floats or the end connectors.


  • All pieces of Trash Barrier and Debris Boom are in ASTM-Z international Standards
  • Trash Barrier is highly durable to water and sunlight
  • Lead weights are under the Barrier
  • Trash Barrier can move Due to High – Tide and Low-Tide of the water
  • Barrier Material constructed from rubber
  • The tensile strength of the barrier material is 400 kg/cm
  • For extreme debris situations, Special high-tensile steel wire

River Trash Barrier 500River Trash Barrier 800River Trash Barrier 1000
Overall height500 mm800 mm1000 mm
Freeboard200 mm250 mm300 mm
Draft300 mm550 mm700 mm
Section Length25 m25 m25 m
Fabric Tensile Strength400 N / mm400 N / mm400 N / mm
Fabric TypeHeavy-Duty RubberHeavy-Duty RubberHeavy-Duty Rubber
Fabric ColorBlackBlackBlack
Flotation Color Yellow / Orange / RedYellow / Orange / RedYellow / Orange / Red
BallastGalvanized ChainGalvanized ChainGalvanized Chain

River Trash Boom

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Trash and Debris Boom


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