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MaviDeniz’s Silt Curtain and Turbidity Curtain explicitly design to contain and control the dispersion of turbidity and the silt and sediments in water or near marine construction activities and by dredging operations. Our turbidity, silt control specialists will help you conform to all regulations and requirements that might apply to your project.

Project Types

MAVI DENIZ Silt Curtain and Turbidity Curtain is the ideal solution for any construction project, including:

  • Dredging
  • Bridge construction
  • Dam removal and restoration
  • Marina/harbor projects (bulkheads, piers, retaining walls)
  • Port and terminal projects (groins, dikes, breakwaters)
  • Ferry landings
  • Pipeline crossings
  • Coastal and shoreline restoration and rehabilitation
  • Intake construction

MaviDeniz’s Silt Curtain and Turbidity Curtain offers the smallest storage volume of solid float boom types and can be stored on racks, pallets, in containers. Systems are incorporating storage/deployment boxes, towing bridles, anchor systems, and repair kits.

Silt Curtain and Turbidity Curtain manufactures in 25 m standard sections, connecting with galvanized, steel U-bolts or ASTM. MAVI DENIZ Silt Curtain and Turbidity Curtain are available in three different sizes and models.

Silt Curtain and Turbidity Curtain Design Criteria;

TYPE I – Should be used in protected areas where there is no current and the area is sheltered from wind and waves.

TYPE II – Should be used in areas where there may be slow to moderate running current ( up to 2 knots or 3.5 feet per second ) or wind and wave action, affecting the curtain.

TYPE III – Should be used in areas where considerable current ( up to 3 knots or 5 feet per second ) may be present, where tidal action may be present, or where the curtain is potentially subject to the wind and wave action.

Our silt and sediment curtain is used to

  • Control of sediment on water-based ( or adjacent ) construction operations
  • Control of sediment both from dredging operations and from dredge deposition
  • Mine tailings dams to reduce the number of suspended solids at decants
  • Pre-filtering of potable water to remove leaf litter and fire debris ( ash )
  • Control of toxic algae Control of aquatic plants
  • The screen of large solids in effluent treatment ponds
  • Mine tailings overflow screening

Mavi Silt Curtain IMavi Silt Curtain IIMavi Silt Curtain III
TypeType 1 - Light WeightType 2 - Medium WeightType 3 - Heavy Weight
Operational AreaCalm waters with little current, such as lakes, ponds, canals and shoreline areasRivers, streams, open lakes and shorelines moderate current moving in one directionOpen waters, exposed areas subject to current, wind and tides
Flotation MaterialSolid (Standard) | Air Inflatable (Optional) | HDPE Floats (Optional)
Fabric MaterialPVC / Geotextile (Standard) | PVC (Optional) | PVC with mesh panel (Optional)
Curtain Depth1 m – 5 m1 m – 10 m1 m – 15 m
Freeboard150 mm200 mm250 mm
BallastGalvanized Chain
Section Length25 m
ColourYellow, Orange or BlackYellow, Orange or BlackYellow, Orange or Black
OptionalAnchor Set, Towing Kit, Repair Kit, Spare Part

Silt Curatin - Turbidity Curtain

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Silt Curtain - Turbidity Curtain


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