Suction Oil Skimmer

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The Mavi Deniz Shallow Water Oil Suction Skimmer is a robust, lightweight Skimmer head, ideal for use in shallow water or areas where the use of large skimmers would be impossible.

Shallow Water Suction Oil Skimmer is a free-floating suction head that will recover up to 30 tonnes per hour, depending on pump/oil type and viscosity.

The Mavi Deniz Suction Skimmer is a unique weir suction head with lightweight that can fit any suction pump or vacuum unit such as our Mini Vac, or Mavi Vac trailed mounted mobile vacuum units. Easy to maneuver and simple to use, plus its flat shape, the skimmer can be used in very inaccessible areas such as under piers and around jetties.

Skimmer head can operate in as little as 7cm of water.

The lightweight construction makes Shallow Water Suction Oil Skimmer particularly valuable for beach clean‐up, shoreline operations, around piers and jetties, as well as in lakes, ponds, ports, harbors, rivers, and inland waters,


  • Suction Oil Skimmer Ideal for operations in ports, harbors, inland and coastal where a quick response is required
  • Suction Oil Skimmer can Operates in as little as 3 inches of shallow water Easily assembled, operated, and maintained
  • Diesel, gas, pneumatic, or electric pump systems available


  • 122 x 5 cm extension pipe
  • Suction Hose
  • Pump
  • Power Pack

Mavi Weir 30Mavi Weir 20Mavi Weir 10
Oil Recovery Capacity30 m3/hr20 m3/hr10 m3/hr
Skimmer MaterialAluminiumAluminiumAluminium
Dimentions158 cm x 88 cm x 9 cm158 cm x 88 cm x 9 cm158 cm x 88 cm x 9 cm
Weight7 kg7 kg7 kg

Suction Oil Skimmer

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Suction Oil Skimmer


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