Conveyor Belt Oil Skimmer

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Mavi Deniz, Conveyor Belt Oil Skimmer is a high-performance skimmer for recovering of floating oil on water on the market today. The belt skimmer constructed from a mesh allows water to drain through and encourages adhesion of the oil. The oil is lifted onboard and is scraped off to storage. The Conveyor Belt Oil Skimmer systems also incorporate debris removal and handling arrangements to allow operation in non-ideal conditions.

The success of belt oil skimmer inclined lies with the extremely high performance of the  Conveyor Belt Oil Skimmer, and also collect in a wide range of oil types and a wide range of operating conditions. The critical feature of the Dynamic Conveyor Belt Oil Skimmer is its ability to collect and separate the oil in a single operation.

The high performance of the Conveyor Belt Oil Skimmer is maintained in thick oil slicks and sheens.

The design of the Conveyor Belt Oil Skimmer System, whether in an integrated Oil Recovery Vessel or an “over-the-side” VOSS system, allows for easy and safe deployment.


  • Conveyor Belt Oil Skimmer, Ideal for operations in Oil Spill Response, Vessel of Opportunity Oil Skimming System (VOSS) at Near Shore, Harbor, Coastal, Offshore, Deploy from workboat, barge, tugboat and supply vessel.
  • High efficiency, up to 98% recovery
  • Special belts for oil spills with easy change and operation Belt system,
  • All Oil ( Light & Heavy Oils ) Types of Viscosities
  • Oil Recovery Rate: 30/50/100/200/300
  • Debris Grinder
  • Fast & Simple Deployment & Operations
  • Rugged all aluminum construction, powder coated
Belt 30Belt 50Belt 70Belt 100Belt 200
Oil Recovery Capacity30 m3/h50 m3/h70 m3/h100 m3/h200 m3/h
Length1.8 m2.4 m2.5 m3.3 m4.5 m
Wide1.2 m1.3 m1.4 m1.5 m1.8 m
Weight90 kg180 kg400 kg850 kg1500 kg
MountedBow or SideBow or SideBow or SideBow or SideBow or Side
Sea RatesUp to Beaufort 5Up to Beaufort 5Up to Beaufort 5Up to Beaufort 5Up to Beaufort 5
Oil Collection SpeedUp to 4 knotsUp to 4 knotsUp to 4 knotsUp to 4 knotsUp to 4 knots
Oil Recovery Efficiency% 95% 95% 95% 95% 95
Oil Troughput Efficiency% 85% 85% 85% 85% 85