Bow Collector Skimmer

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Mavi Deniz, Bow Collector Skimmer, is a Vessel Bow Mounted Oil Skimmer System with a Rigid Brush Conveyor Belt unit and mounted on the Marine Vessel bow or Oil Skimmer Boat. Bow Collector Skimmer can collect oil spills on the sea surface or water surface. Bow Collector Skimmer is a portable unit and can be switch on any Marine Vessel or Oil Skimmer Boat.

Bow Collector Skimmer System is operated by portable power packs and any Marine Vessels and Oil Skimmer Boats, a hydraulic system.

Bow Collector Skimmer Brush conveyor automatically separates and recovers oils, emulsions, and oily debris from the water and delivers it to the deck level. The recovered oil contains less than 5% free water. Recovery capacity improves as oil viscosity increases, and the system can collect large pieces of floating oil, seaweed, and debris.

Working Speed of Oil Skimmer Boat with Bow Collector Skimmer is up to 4 knots; working speed changes varies with the sea conditions. The size of Bow Collector Skimmer, the hardness level of Brushes, and the size of Oil Skimmer boats can be organized by the customer needed.


  • Hydraulic-driven offloaded pump
  • Waste Storage tank
  • Portable power packs 10/15 HP
Mavi Bow 35Mavi Bow 50Mavi Bow 80
Oil Recovery Capacity35 m³/h50 m³/h80 m³/h
TypeBrush Conveyor Belt UnitBrush Conveyor Belt UnitBrush Conveyor Belt Unit
Free Water Collected% 2% 2% 2
Recovered MaterialsOil, Emulsions, Debris, Garbage, Litter, Sargassum, and Seaweed
Hydraulic Pressure200 - 150 bar200 - 150 bar200 - 150 bar
Oil Collection SpeedUp to 4 knotsUp to 4 knotsUp to 4 knots
Power Requirement10 HP10 HP10 HP
Sweeping Arm ModelManual | AutomaticManual | AutomaticManual | Automatic
Length2800 mm3800 mm4400 mm
Width490 mm1000 mm1200 mm
Weight180 kg300 kg450 kg
OptionalHydraulic Offload Pump | Waste Storage Tank | Hydraulic Power Packs | Repair Kit | Spare Part | Hose Set