Side Collector Oil Skimmer

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Mavi Deniz Side Collector Oil Skimmer is a vessel side mounted advancing skimming system for tug and work boats as well as for large offshore supply vessels. In addition to the skimmer unit on one or two sides of the workboat, the total Side Collector system typically consists of automatic or manual outrigger jib arms and sweeping booms.

The Side Collector System based on the proven stiff brush technology. Side Collector Oil Skimmer offers high performance and safety for Offshore, Onshore, and Inland waters Oil Spill Recovery Operations. The Side Collector operates efficiently at vessel speeds of up to 4 knots, resulting in excellent vessel maneuverability and very high oil encounter rate.

The new generation brush conveyor belt is a double acting skimming system for the Side Collector Oil Skimmer. The double-acting brush conveyor belt can be rotated in both directions and has a dual brush scraper that allows the two-way operation for all kinds of oils from light to the heaviest. Moreover, to enhance the selectivity to separate oils, the side collector system has an adjustable back plate to control the flow when recovering light, medium or heavy viscous oils.

The encountered oil is directed to the skimmer and scraped further to the incorporated hydraulic oil transfer pump. The number of brush chains selected is based on vessel size and required capacity.

Owing to the high recovery speed, the side collector system can recover the largest possible area of an expanding oil slick at sea. The deployment of the system can start skimming oil within minutes of arrival on site and be operated by a small crew requiring very little specialized training.

Detailed drawings and design of the side collector system is tailor-made for each vessel for optimized efficiency, operation and safety, taking into account vessel particulars, capacity requirements and other factors.

The Side Collector system can fit in various types and sizes of vessels allowing them to serve as oil recovery units. It can be installed in new-buildings as well as in existing ships. Please note the specifications shown here are examples of a single side system.


  • Hydraulic driven pump
  • Portable power packs
  • Hydraulic Jip Crane
Side Collector 35Side Collector 50Side Collector 80Side Collector 150Side Collector 250
Oil Recovery Capacity35 m³/h50 m³/h80 m³/h150 m³/h250 m³/h
Free Water Content<5%<5%<5%<5%<5%
Sea ConditionUp to Beaufort 5Up to Beaufort 5Up to Beaufort 5Up to Beaufort 5Up to Beaufort 5
Oil Collection SpeedUp to 5 knotsUp to 5 knotsUp to 5 knotsUp to 5 knotsUp to 5 knots
Length1800 mm2300 mm2300 mm2300 mm3000 mm
Height1400 mm400 mm1900 mm2200 mm2800 mm
Wide580 mm650 mm850 mm950 mm1500 mm
Weight100 kg250 kg450 kg650 kg800 kg
Hydraulic Pressure150 bar150 bar150 bar180 bar210 bar
Power Requirement10 HP10 HP10 HP25 HP80 HP