Peristaltic Pump


Our Peristaltic Pump can transfer liquids, viscous slurries, and gaseous media and can use as a vacuum pump. The material is pumped only contacts the hose interior and passes straight through the pump. Ideal for pumping hazardous material. Mavi Deniz Peristaltic Pump is the solution to many fluid transfer problems. The versatility of this series proves over a broad span of industries and applications including tank cleaning water/waste treatment, construction, and fire authorities, marine and other transport, brewing, food, and chemical processing.


  • Fix, or variable speed drives alternatives with Peristaltic Pump
  • The practical alternative to the usual large heavy construction of the standard peristaltic type pump
  • Peristaltic Pump is ideal for handling difficult media such as liquid/gas mixtures
  • No valves, sealings, bushes
PP 24PP 46
Capacity24 m³/h46 m³/h
Pressure2 bar4 bar
Power4 kW4 kW