Airborne Spray System

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MAVI DENIZ designed Airborne Spray System can operate from a base near the spill and can use for small/medium sized spills in confined or inaccessible situations.

Advantages offered by the aerial spraying of dispersants ( with good control and assessment results are the rapid response, high treatment rates, optimum use of the product, regardless of the sea state ), many spraying systems developed for use with both fixed and rotating wing aircraft ( helicopter or plane ).

Existing units are either of a type which can be used by the aircraft of convenience or of the permanently installed type. Standard built-in spraying systems of crop spraying aircraft, widely used in agriculture, can be adapted for the spraying of dispersants.

Only neat concentrate dispersants are suitable for use with airborne spraying systems.

Aircraft dispersant spray systems are designed and certified for specific aircraft types and models.

1. Airplane Spray System

Fixed systems for converted multi-engine aircraft comprise storage for dispersants, a pump including powerpack spray arms with nozzles and a remote control system.
As an alternative, some independent system (with the tank, pump and spray booms), have been developed which can clamp under the fuselage as a detachable pod (i.e., instead of the luggage chest); these systems allow to convert quickly regular planes into spraying aircraft.

POD spraying systems for small aircraft; self-container spraying system which can rig under a small plane as a POD (luggage trunk). It is quick and easy to convert to a standard aircraft usually devoted to good or passenger transportation into a spraying plane. The capacity of these systems is around 1.5 t of dispersant.

Self-contained airborne spraying systems are built to suit large transport airplanes which have rear cargo doors able to remain open during the flight. Containerized units comprise tank, power pack, pump, and retractable spray arms and can quickly load into the cargo hold.

2. Helicopter Spray System

Fixed spraying systems for helicopters are mounted under the fuselage and are made up of the same parts as the units built-in fixed-wing aircraft.

Helicopter spray buckets can be used with any helicopter having a cargo hook for underslung loads. Units are self-contained (tank, pump, power pack, spraying arms) and can be remotely
controlled from the cockpit.

Aerial application of dispersants depends on the visibility over the slick area and relies on wave energy for mixing dispersant with spilled oil.

The company will also design and certify to order specialist equipment with in-house CAD design.

Mavi Spray HDM - 3Mavi Spray HDM - 4Mavi Spray HDM - 5Mavi Spray HDM - 6
The dispersant tank capacity 150 ltThe dispersant tank capacity 500 ltThe dispersant tank capacity 1.000 ltThe dispersant tank capacity 2.000 lt
The helicopter dispersant spray system can be apply various oil dispersants with the use and operated from any helicopter equipped with a cargo hook.
The system consists of a lightweight moulded fiberglass dispersant tank unit and frame which supports an electric start diesel engine driving a centrifugal pump
Carried as an underslung load, the system incorporates its own power supply and is controlled via a simple pilot operated control box.
The system can be jettisoned in an emergency and requires no modifications to the helicopter.
The dispersant application flow rate can be varied up from (350 liters/min & 450 liters/min or 800 litres/min)
The unit has twin spray boom arrays of three different sizes (5 m, 10 m, 15 m, 20 m total widths)
The applied spray swath width of up to 30m.
Application speeds up to 85 knots.