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Mavi Deniz’s Backpack Sprayer is designed to provide excellent spraying coverage, and our gasoline-powered backpack sprayer can go from misting to dusting. Backpack Sprayer can carry on the back to allow the spraying of chemicals at inaccessible locations such as beaches, rocky shorelines, and harbour walls. Backpack Sprayer is a cost-effective chemical application unit which is designed for applying small quantities of dispersant during the final stages of oil spill clean-up.


An operator‐friendly backpack oil spray unit can use on beaches and intertidal zones. The series backpack sprayer is available in 15 litres (BS15) and 20 litres (BS20) versions. The sprayer is designed and built to comply with international safety standards with emphasis placed on operator comfort and safety.


Non‐corroding Polypropylene tank with no opening below the fluid level line. The unit is designed to be handled and serviced without the use of tools: chemical resistant shoulder pads and waist belts.

Backpack Sprayer has a selection of Hand Lance, Manual Pump or Lithium-Ion battery and powered sprayers to meet your operation and also capacity is 15 or 20 Lt Tank.

BS 5BS 15BS 20
Tank Capacity5 lt. 15 lt. 20 lt.
Pressure 3 bar 5 bar 3 bar
Lance Lenght50 cm50 cm50 cm

BackPack Sprayer

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BackPack Spray System


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