Marine Dispersant Spray System

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MAVI DENIZ manufactures and designs different sizes of Dispersant Spray Systems available, ranging from large, permanently mounted equipment for use on tugs to small, portable inshore dispersant spray systems for use by small vessels.

Fixed permanent type electric installed dispersant spray system or Portable diesel drove dispersant spray system for the application of oil dispersant from vessels, boats, Oil Recovery Vessels, Tugs, Offshore Supply Vessels or other Craft.

Systems for spraying concentrate pre-diluted into sea water

The application of dispersant pre-diluted into sea water was invented to apply the concentrate dispersant (low dispersant/oil dosage) using the equipment developed initially for applying conventional dispersants (high dispersant/oil dosage).

Indeed, the dilution enables an increase of the flow rate to be sprayed and therefore allow spraying with the same equipment (large nozzles). These systems are designed to pre-dilute the dispersant generally around 10% dispersant into sea water.

This goal can be achieved by:

Educator systems are designed to work with the ship’s built-in fire-fighting system. The educator connected to the discharge side of the pump, causes a negative pressure at the point of dispersant intake, thus sucking it in into a discharge line. The diluted dispersant is applied by a fire monitor or through nozzles mounted on spraying arms attached to the vessel’s side.

Injection systems consist of two pumps: one for water and the other, similar to chemical feeder pumps with variable flow rate, for the dispersant. The dispersant applied through nozzles mounted on spraying arms attached to the vessel’s side. Fixed and portable designs exist and are preferably installed on the vessel’s bow to benefit from the mixing energy provided by the bow wave.

Systems for spraying neat dispersant

Methods for spraying neat concentrates specifically designed for the application of undiluted concentrate dispersant.

These units are usually bow mounted, have a pump with a variable flow rate, and the dispersant is also discharged through nozzles mounted on spraying arms. These are often longer as compared to stern mounted arms, having a higher oil encounter rate. Mixing energy is provided by bow wave.

To increase the dispersant flow rate range, some units equipped with multiple spraying assemblies. By operating one or several spraying assemblies, the flow rate can be adjusted to cope with different situations encountered ( ship speed, oil thickness ).

Different types of vessels may be used for spraying dispersant and, in addition to specially built anti-pollution vessels; these include tugboats, supply vessels, trawlers or small fishing vessels.

The necessity to operate at low speeds at the same time retaining the necessary maneuverability may be a limiting factor in the selection of vessels. Suitable vessels should also have sufficient storage space for dispersant

We can design the Dispersant Spray System for your needs.


  • Storage Container
  • Flow Meter
  • Nozzle down pipe set
  • Dispersant Tank
  • Oil Dispersant
  • Chemical Pump
  • Spray Hand Lance
  • Dilute Flow Meter
  • Frame Mounted Spray Arms
  • Spare Kits
  • Wheeled Frame
MaviSpray 12MaviSpray 10MaviSpray 8MaviSpray 6MaviSpray 5MaviSpray 4MaviSpray 3
OperationLarge Size - Offshore Supply Vessel, Work Boat, Tug Boat, OSRVMedium Size - Work Boat, Tug Boat, OSRVSmall Size - Boats, Craft, Work Boat, OSRV
Arm Lenght12 m10 m8 m6 m5 m4 m3 m
MaterialAluminum or Stainless Steel
Number Of Nozzles8765432
Pump Capacity200 lt/min100 lt/min100 lt/min50 lt/min50 lt/min50 lt/min20 lt/min
EngineDiesel or Electric
Hose Kit1 x 5 m Seawater Suction hose + 1 x 5 m Dispersant Suction Hose + 2 x 5 m Delivery Hose