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Intermediate Bulk Container primary designs to transport, storage of bulk liquid, and granulated substances, IBC tank is ideal to use chemicals, food ingredients, solvents, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Industrial Uses

  • Liquid, granulated, and powdered food ingredients
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Bulk chemicals including hazardous materials or dangerous goods
  • Commodities and raw materials used in industrial production
  • Rainwater when used for rooftop rainwater collection
  • Paints, Inks & Dyes
  • Petro­chemicals
  • Oil Spill

Features | Options

  • UN marking options
  • Metal palletized IBC Tank / Plastic palletized IBC Tank / Wood palletized IBC Tank
  • IBC, which stabilise against ultraviolet light, is manufactured from high molecular polyethene. IBC has corrosion-resistance and is quite safe.
  • Produce with steel case, which weld as electronic controlled for body and surrounding from 360 separate points, supplies strong toughness and durableness. It has the ultimate strength of most chemicals.
  • Intermediate Bulk Container does not react with acidic and basic chemicals.
  • Intermediate Bulk Container has high safety standards for the storage of hazardous substances; land and sea transportation.
  • Intermediate Bulk Container supplies some advantages like easy loading and custom installation, storage, removal of the load.
  • Intermediate Bulk Container is appropriate for reuse. IBC Tank manufacture with alternative 150-200 mm lid.
  • The whole components can be reconditioning even after the end of product life.

Dimension1200 x 1000 x 11601200 x 1000 x 11601200 x 1000 x 1160
Raw MaterialHDPE - High Density Polyethylene
Outside ContainerGalvanized, welded steel cage
Filling Tap150 mm / 225 mm with screw cap
Dynamic LoadAccording to density Up to 2 floors
Static LoadUp to 3 floorsUp to 4 floorsUp to 3 floors
Weight (kg)606065
Discharge ValvesButterfly DN 50 - 80 Valve With CAMLOCK male connection
Capacity1.000 liters - 275 gallons1.000 liters - 275 gallons1.000 liters - 275 gallons

IBC Tank

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