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Mavi Deniz Pillow Tank is designed to accommodate portable liquid storage and non-potable liquid storage. Pillow Tank can use in Oil Spill Recovery Operation, Remote Storage, Fire Fighting, Military Operations, Remediation Projects, Potable ( drinking ) Water Tank, Gray Water Tank, Liquid Transportation, Portable Water Tank, Diesel Fuel, Jet Fuel, Waste Water, Sewage Storage, Fruit Juice Distribution, Chemical Storage.

The pillow tanks manufacture with High-Frequency weldings. Available in a range of sizes, storage tanks are lightweight, portable, and quickly assembled without tools.

A collapsible pillow tank provides temporary liquid storage as well as long-term liquid storage.

Our pillow tank is portable and can use for drinking water, fruit juices, wastewater, chemicals, oils, and more.

Versatile usage includes land-based operations and vessel decks. Standard tanks fabricate with durable fabric that provides ultraviolet light, chemical, and abrasion resistance.

Smaller sizes are square-shaped, while larger are rectangular Transportable pillow tank is designed with straps for use in various cargo applications, including trucks, trailers, boats, and planes.

Standard sizes – from 0.5 up to 3.780 m3.


  • Simple maintenance, long service life
  • Available in urethane, rubber, or vinyl fabrics
  • For setup, No tools required.
  • Large capacity liquid storage
  • Heavy duty
  • UV-resistance
  • Durability up to 20 years
  • Optional accessories, including repair kits, spare parts, and carry bag for easy transportation
  • Collapsible + Storable + Portable + Easily Deployable

Capacity Length Width Weight
P-Tank 1.5 1.5 m3 1.4 m 1.1 m 10 kg
P-Tank 3.5 3.5 m3 2 m 1.4 m 17 kg
P-Tank 5 5 m3 2.35 m 1.65 m 25 kg
P-Tank 7.5 7.5 m3 2.40 m 2.1 m 31 kg
P-Tank 10 10 m3 2.75 m 2.65 m 43 kg
P-Tank 12 12 m3 3.75 m 3.55 m 70 kg
P-Tank 15 15 m3 4.6 m 4.2 m 90 kg
P-Tank 20 20 m3 5 m 5 m 100 kg
P-Tank 50 50 m3 7 m 7.6 m 290 kg
P-Tank 100 100 m3 10.7 m 17 m 345 kg

Pillow Tank

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Pillow Tank


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