Waste Chute System

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Waste Chute System is an Enclosed vertical or horizontal passageway in a building to storage or compacting room where gravity or vacuum systems transfer the waste. Waste Chute System is ideal for laundry, refuse, and food waste.

Stainless Steel materials use for Waste Chute System and also galvanized steel or plastic can use as economic material. Waste Chute size can be 450, 600 or 800 mm, can arrange the height of the building and capacity of the storage area. Waste Chute System is secure, locked and easy to use the system. Special permission needed to use a waste chute and also door control panel is on the cover.

Mavideniz has the experience, and the skills to install any chute system that will meet all of your requirements. Mavideniz designs and manufacture according to the most demanding standards of waste chute systems manufacturing in the world.