Oil Sludge Treatment


Mavideniz Sludge Treatment system designed and manufactured to use in crude oil tank cleaning sludge, refinery plant, waste oil sludge, lagoon sludge, pit sludge or drilling waste oil sludge for separating the oil, water, and solids from the waste oil sludge,
Mavideniz Sludge Treatment system can arrange for your requirements ( Trailer-Mounted, Skid-Mounted, Containerized  ) Mobile Oil Sludge Treatment or Fixed Oil Sludge Treatment


  • Low maintenance and operation cost
  • Safety of operations
  • Effective solution superior cleaning quality
  • Environmentally friendly
Mobile 2Mobile 4Mobile 6Fixed 10Fixed 20Fixed 30Fixed 50
Capacity2 m3/hr4 m3/hr6 m3/hr10 m3/hr20 m3/hr30 m3/hr50 m3/hr