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Aquatic Weed Transport Barge designs for Trash, Weed, Debris, and solid Removal Transfer from water to shore. Aquatic Weed Transport Barge is important for projects where there are few unloading sites or far away places, with the barge of carriage time and money, stay in your pocket, Your harvesters can go on working without wasting time. Weed Transport Barge load or unload everything, Transfer weed loads to shore, increasing the efficiency of the harvesting.

International Maritime Organization announcing a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to zero by the end of this century, marine environmental regulations have been tightened worldwide, and the implementation of emission control areas has begun to affect vessel operations. Mavi Deniz has successfully started new technologies for emission control regulations by developing dual-fuel solutions and cleaner green power technologies. Mavi Deniz’s Green Power Options; Solar Energy System, Battery Power System, Hydrogen Fuel Cell System, LPG System can fully integrate to Aquatic Weed Transport Barge including deck equipment and propulsion system.

Aquatic Weed Transport Barge Green Power Options

  • Powered by Solar Energy System
  • Powered by Battery Power System
  • Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell System
  • Powered by LPG System


  • Self Loading and Unloading Supply and Support Vessel.
  • Heavy Duty Hull with Reinforced Bow and Stern
  • Trash Skimmers, River cleaner, Lake Cleaner, Marina Cleaner
  • Adaption to all other Makes of Harvesters and Skimmer Boats Available as Factory Customization.
  • 360 Degree view over Control Bridge
  • Fingertip Hydraulic Controls.
  • High maneuverability capacity with Twin Propulsion system
  • Stainless steel Hydraulic Tubes and Fasteners.
  • Heavy Duty Moving Conveyor Mesh Floor Feed Stern to Bow
  • Hydraulic Conveyor Drives.
  • Articulating discharge Conveyor.
Transport Barge 10Transport Barge 12Transport Barge 14
Length10 m12 m14 m
Width3.0 m3.3 m3.5 m
Draft0.6 m0.7 m0.8 m
Height2.5 m2.5 m2.5 m
Conveyor MeshGalvanized (Standard) | Stainless Steel (Optional)
Conveyor Width2.3 m2.5 m2.7 m
Conveyor Overhang2.2 m2.2 m2.2 m
Hull TypeSteel (Standard) | Aluminum (Optional)
Solid Waste Tank Capacity18 m³22 m³28 m³
Fuel Tank50 lt.70 lt.100 lt.
EngineWater-Cooled Diesel - 57 HPWater-Cooled Diesel - 80 HPWater-Cooled Diesel - 115 HP
Propulsion2 x Hydraulic Powered Propeller2 x Hydraulic Powered Propeller2 x Hydraulic Powered Propeller
SpeedMax. 6 - 5 mphMax. 6 - 5 mphMax. 6 - 5 mph
ElectronicsNavigational Safety LightsNavigational Safety LightsNavigational Safety Lights
WheelhouseOperator’s Seat with full instrumentation control panel without cabin
OptionalSun/Rain Canopy / Shore Conveyor / Trailer Conveyor / Tilt Deck Trailer / Horn / Radio / Search Lights / Deck Lights / Air conditioner / WC / shower Seats / Jib Crane ( 0.5t @ 7m ) / First Aid Kit / Fire Monitor / Fenders Operator Cabin / Spare Parts Kits Navigation Equipments (Radar, GPS, Echo-sounder, Compass, VHF)