Multi Purpose Workboat


The Mavi Deniz WorkCat is Multipurpose pontoon-shaped workboat, designed for professional work. Workboat ideal for in support of dredging support services, towing and anchor-handling, dive support, marine engineering, offshore energy operations, general marine services, transporting equipment along the shoreline, for the lowering of anchors, towing of floating material, deploying and towing containment boom, buoy maintenance, fish farm support, general construction work, supporting skimmer operations, pollution control vessel. Divers and rescuers also appreciate the easy access offered by the stern ramp.

For crew accommodation up to seven persons or workshop, Workboat has a Modern and efficient standard layout with a  first-class Wheelhouse and also the wheelhouse and deck accommodation is wholly insulated, reduce noise levels. The Wheelhouse is entirely air-conditioned.

The Workboat is fast, stable, provide high bollard pull, a working deck provides a cargo-carrying capacity of up to 120t and can operate well in shallow water. Workboat is tailored to meet the demand for robust, reliable and rapid work boat that meet customers’ requirements.


  • Essential Functions; General work boat duties / Towing / Pushing / Anchor handling / Buoy laying / Dredging support / Pollution control / Fuel and Fresh Water transfer services.
  • Large and flat deck for cargo capacity.
  • Road transportable
  • Shallow draft, superior maneuverability.
  • Variety of wheelhouse/console designs.
  • All welded marine grade steel construction.
  • Extra equipment can be installed, such as hydraulic crane, hydraulic or electric winch, navigation equipment, etc.

Custom sizes, specs available

Work Cat 10Work Cat 12Work Cat 15Work Cat 18Work Cat 22
Length10 m12 m15 m18 m22 m
Width5.0 m5.0 m6.0 m8.0 m8.5 m
Draft1.5 m1.5 m1.8 m1.8 m2 m
Hull TypeMono Hull
F/O Tank5 T6 T7 T7 T7 T
Engine2 x 100 hp2 x 100 hp2 x 350 hp2 x 350 hp2 x 500 hp
Speed7 Knots7 Knots10 Knots10 Knots10 Knots
Payload10 T10 T10 T10 T10 T
OptionalFire Canon / Oil Boom / Oil Skimmer / Spray System / Diving Equipments / Shacklers / Crane