Oceanographic + Hydrographic + Survey + Research Vessel


Mavideniz Research Vessel designed for supporting Research Operations in National and international Marine Waters according to the Class and Flag requirements.

Mavideniz Research Vessel main purposes are Habitat Mapping & Biodiversity Studies, Scientific Diving & Underwater Photography & Video Casts, Environmental Monitoring and also Research on Oceanography and Climate & Atmospheric Sciences.

Design of Research Vessel we are working with the best designers and scientists in the world because of that Research Vessel has excellent hydrodynamic performance,  modern laboratories, noiseless working areas, and enough to use handling equipment with excellent sea-keeping and stable platform  with a large working deck for operations and also for production you will see our quality, standards, and differences.

After we delivered Research Vessel, you will see the same performance and quality years and years later not changed, there is one reason to catch the performance and quality, We don’t choose cheap products, pick the best material and products for building the Fast Ferry, and also choose the best workers, engineers. We can arrange the designs for your operational profile and requirements.

Features | Options

  • MBES MultiBeam Echosounder
  • ADCP Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
  • Onboard Analyses ( Wet & Biological Lab + Dry Lab & Onboard Autoanalyser +  Incubation Room )
  • USBL Underwater Positioning System (UltraShort BaseLine)
  • Meteorological Measurements
  • Work Deck & Portable Equipment
  • Step Deck & Stern Platform
  • Boat Assisted Scientific Diving / Biodiversity Studies
  • Seafloor & Sea Surface Sampling ( Sediment Sampling (Grab Corer), (Gravity Corer) + Sea Surface Sampling  )
  • Observation Class ROV
  • Combined Side Scan Sonar & Sub Bottom Profiler
  • Geophysical Surveys
  • Winch ( Coaxial Cable + Umbilical + Steel wire )
  • A-Frame & Deck Crane
  • Water Quality & Onsite Measurements ( CTD & Water Sampling + SVP Sound Velocity Profiler )
  • Coastal & Satellite Communication
  • Onboard Data Infrastructure
  • Shallow Water Survey