Inshore Research Vessel

inshore research vessel
inshore research vessel

Inshore Research Vessel designs for biological, chemical, oceanographic, and geological sampling. Inshore Research Vessel, equipped with the latest technological advances and specifically designed for carrying out multidisciplinary research tasks, scientific systems suitable for the implementation of earth sciences projects in shallow inshore waters areas.

Design of Research Vessel we are working with the best designers and scientists in the world because of that Research Vessel has reduced draft, excellent hydrodynamic performance with stability, and precise low-speed handling and positioning. We can arrange the designs for your operational profile and requirements.

Research Vessel interior design tailor-made for local conditions and requirements ( first class seats + cabin + LCD + air condition +WC + long lasting flooring – ceiling cover – wall covering, etc.).

Research Vessel has multipurpose modern laboratories with wet and dry laboratory spaces, the bridge with 360º visibility, quite working areas, and enough to use handling equipment with a large stable working deck for operations. Research vessel can accommodate up to 14 people including crew, researchers or technicians undertaking continuous research campaigns for up to 7 days.

The Research Vessel can equip with an integrated performance monitoring system recording real-time data including ( Shaft torque and thrust, Engine speed, Fuel consumption, Wind speed and direction, Ship speed, Trim and draft, Ship motions, Rudder angle, Water depth, etc. )

Features | Options

  • Conventional surface, mid-water, and bottom trawling
  • Use of static fishing gear
  • Plankton sampling
  • Multinet Macness
  • Water sampling at depths up to 400m
  • Soft sediment sampling and seafloor coring
  • Seafloor – 3d maps, photography, and imaging
  • Marine mammal and bird surveys – visual and acoustic
  • CTD Rossette
  • Multi-channel high separation shallow seismic system
  • RHIB
  • Dive Amenity
  • ROV
  • Sea magnetometer
  • Side-scanning sonar system
  • Bridge echo sounder, radar, very high frequency, and Sirius radios
  • Flow measurement with continuous measurement
  • Large cabin for installing other oceanographic equipment
  • Oceanographic – winch, davit, lars, aft crane,  a-frame, and gantry for deploying equipment over the side or stern
  • Wet and dry laboratory spaces
  • Dynamic positioning system connected to bow and stern thrusters
Research 22Research 18Research 14Research 10
Length (m)22181410
Beam (m)7654
Draft (m)1,51.60,70,5
HullCatamaran Hull (Standard) | Mono Hull (Optional)
MaterialMarine Grade Aluminium (Standard) | Steel (Optional)
PropellersFixed Pitch ( Standard ) | Waterjet ( Optional )
SpeedMin 10 - 20 Knots