Marine Debris Cleanup + Marine Litter + Seaweed

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Our Power Cat model designed for Marine Debris Cleanup + Ocean Debris + Ocean Trash + Marine Litter + Seaweed from the sea surface. Marine Debris, Marine Litter, is harmful to marine life including to protected species of birds, sharks, turtles, and marine mammals. Marine debris may cause injury or death through drowning, injury through entanglement and internal injuries, or starvation following ingestion.  Seaweeds are plant-like organisms that live attached to rock or other hard substrates in coastal areas. Seaweeds belong to three different groups, empirically distinguished since the mid-nineteenth century by thallus color: brown algae, red algae, and green algae.

Some examples of Main sources of Ocean Debris, Ocean Trash, Marine Debris, Marine Litter, Seaweed are:


  • Landfills
  • Rivers and floodwaters
  • Industrial outfalls
  • Discharge from stormwater drains
  • Untreated municipal sewerage
  • Littering of beaches, coastal areas (tourism)


  • Fishing industry
  • Shipping (e.g., transport, tourism, fishing)
  • Offshore mining and extraction
  • Illegal dumping at sea
  • Discarded fishing gear
  • Offshore oil and gas platform
  • Aquaculture installations
  • All kind of marine vessels

If you can’t solve the primary sources of the Ocean Debris, Marine Debris, Marine Litter or Seaweed our Power Cat models can quickly Cleanup Marine Debris + Marine Litter + Seaweed on the sea surface.

Power Cat 12Power Cat 15Power Cat 18
Length12 m14,95 m18 m
Beam3 m5 m6 m
Draft0.6 m0.6 m0.6 m
MaterialAluminum or Steel
Solid Waste Tank12 m³15 m³18 m³
Recovered Oil tank5 m³5 m³5 m³
Engine1 x 200 bhp2 x 300 bhp2 x 300 bhp
Speedup to 15 Knotsup to 15 Knotsup to 15 Knots
Rescue Device1 x rescue boat / 4 x Life jacket / Buoy / 2 x Fire Extinguisher
Solution ForOcean Debris / Marine Debris / Marine Litter / Seaweed / Oil Spill
PaintEpoxy coating underwater hull, decks & superstructure with a lifetime of about 3 years.
AccommodationsWC / shower. A fully glazed wheelhouse high quality fit-out which includes seats.
OptionalRadar / GPS / Echo-sounder / Compass /VHF / Air Conditioner/Heater / Searchlight / Window wiper / Spray System / Oil Skimmer System / Fire Nozzles / Multi Functional Crane