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Mavi Deniz is a market leader/world’s largest producer in the design and manufacture of Trash Skimmer Boat. Mavi Deniz debris and trash recovery boats are safe and easy to use and offer a practical and cost-effective solution for many shallow – marine pollution control applications.

Marine Debris, Marine Trash, Marine Litter are harmful to marine life, including protected birds, sharks, turtles, and marine mammals. Marine debris may cause injury or death through drowning, entanglement, internal injuries, or starvation following ingestion. Seaweeds are plant-like organisms that live attached to the rock or other hard substrates in coastal areas. Seaweeds belong to three groups, empirically distinguished since the mid-nineteenth century by thallus color: brown algae, red algae, and green algae.

Self Unloading, Trash Skimmer Boat designed for cleaning marina, lake, river, sea, port, canals, bays, harbor, and waterways, built-in series to the proven reliable standard design high-quality standardized components and equipment. Trash Skimmer Boats are based on a robust steel or aluminum catamaran hull. The Trash Skimmer boat can easily remove the following human-made and organic floating debris: logs, tires, refrigerators, litter, leaves, bottles, cans, ropes, fish, and plastics.  Self Unloading, Trash Skimmer boat can self-load Trash + Debris to the land or other vessels, not need a crane.

International Maritime Organization announcing a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to zero by the end of this century, marine environmental regulations have been tightened worldwide. The implementation of emission control areas has begun to affect boat operations. Mavi Deniz has successfully started new emission control regulations by developing dual-fuel solutions and cleaner green power technologies. Mavi Deniz’s Green Power Options; Solar Energy System, Battery Power System, Hydrogen Fuel Cell System, LPG System can fully integrate to Trash Skimmer Boat including deck equipment and propulsion system.

Trash Skimmer Green Power Options

  • Powered by Solar Energy System
  • Powered by Battery Power System
  • Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell System
  • Powered by LPG System


  • Self Unloading does not need a crane.
  • High recovery capacity with low cost
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • High Effective
  • Excellent Shallow draft with stability
  • Single or Twin Engines
  • Oil spill recovery
  • Laying of oil booms
  • Firefighting
  • Stores solid floating and semi-submerged wastes
  • Stores oil waste & liquids
  • Custom Designs can be made quickly and economically.

Some examples of the Main source of Ocean Debris, Ocean Trash, Marine Debris, Marine Litter, Seaweed are:


  • Landfills
  • Rivers and floodwaters
  • Industrial outfalls
  • Discharge from storm-water drains
  • Untreated municipal sewerage
  • Littering of beaches, coastal areas (tourism)


  • Fishing industry
  • Shipping (e.g., transport, tourism, fishing)
  • Offshore mining and extraction
  • Illegal dumping at sea
  • Discarded fishing gear
  • Offshore oil and gas platform
  • Aquaculture installations
  • Many marine vessels
Self Unloader 10Self Unloader 12Self Unloader 14Self Unloader 16
Length10 m12 m14 m16 m
Beam3.4 m4.2 m5,3 m6 m
Draft0.5 m0.6 m1.2 m1.6 m
Solid Waste Tank5 m³8 m³18 m³25 m³
Engine1 x 170 HP2 x 170 HP2 x 250 HP2 x 400 HP
PropulsionFixed Pitch ( Standard ) | Hydraulic Azimuth Thruster ( Optional )
Speed10 Knots10 Knots10 Knots10 Knots
PaintEpoxy coating underwater hull, decks & superstructure with a lifetime of about 3 years.
Accommodations A fully glazed wheelhouse high quality fit-out which includes seats.
OptionalRadar / GPS / Echo-sounder / Compass / VHF / Air Conditioner / Heater / Searchlight / Window wiper / Spray System / Oil Skimmer System / Fire Nozzles / Hydraulic Crane