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The Mavideniz Water Taxi was designed and built to be a fast and reliable alternative for everyone to cut down on traveling time. More than that, it is one of the best ways to passenger transport from the river, sea or lake.

Mavi Deniz Water Taxi models will see the difference of highly maneuverable, high speed, silent propulsion, and reduced rolling and vibration for better passengers’ comfort in all weather situations.

Water Taxi Superstructure arrangement enables easy access to the engine room during maintenance. This ergonomic arrangement will give maximum comfort during utilization and satisfaction for passengers and the crew.

Water Taxi interior design tailor-made for local conditions and requirements ( first-class seats + LCD + Air condition + Long Lasting flooring – ceiling cover – wall covering   )

Water Taxi Huge glass walls provide an opportunity to see the panorama from each seat inside the passenger’s cabin. Moreover, the passenger cabin arrangement enables two handicapped voyages and get around.

Water Taxi is also compliant with land regulations concerning architecture, reflected in toilets number and passageways width because of the disabled.

After we deliver vessel, you will see the same performance and quality years and years later not changed, there is one reason to catch the performance and quality, We don’t choose cheap products, pick the best material and products for building the Water Taxi, and also choose the best workers, engineers. We can arrange the designs for your operational profile and requirements.


  • Short and reliable delivery times
  • Competitive pricing
  • Lower Fuel Consumption
  • Modern ergonomic design
  • Improved Stability and Safety
  • Shallow Draft
  • Higher Speed
  • Low-wash
Water Taxi IVWater Taxi IIIWater Taxi IIWater Taxi I
MaterialAluminium Alloy | GRP
Length16 m15 m11 m9 m
Width5.7 m4 m4 m4 m
Draught1 m0.6 m0.6 m0.6 m
PropellersWaterjet | Fixed Pitch
Speed22 - 40 Knots22 - 40 Knots22 - 40 Knots22 - 40 Knots
Fuel Capacity2000 lt.1500 lt.1250 lt.1000 lt.
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