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River Bus designed for passenger service inside the river or lake. River Bus has an efficient, economical and durable vessel with a high level of comfort for both passengers and crew.

Our River Bus boats interior and exterior seats can arrange for your requirements. There are kiosks onboard serving hot and cold drinks, snacks and refreshments, luggage storage near the entrance to ensure comfort and easy access for passengers, and have accessible toilets.

Our River Bus focuses on maximum fuel efficiency and minimum through-life running costs with low resistance. The design allows the vessel to be safely and efficiently operated with
minimum crew levels. She can be run entirely on batteries or in a battery-engine hybrid configuration where the fuel options are liquefied natural gas (LNG) or biofuel.

River 18River 24
MaterialAluminium AlloyAluminium Alloy
Length18 m24 m
Beam6 m7.2 m
Draft1.2 m1.4 m