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Industrial Tank Cleaning + Vessel Cleaning

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Industrial Tank Cleaning

Mavi Deniz leads the way in providing a flexible and comprehensive industrial tank cleaning service. While it is a routine procedure, it does require dedicated training, skilled operators, and specialist equipment. The investment necessary for many of our clients prohibits them from doing this work themselves. Mavi Deniz has the technical knowledge and experience to clean your most difficult tanks successfully.

We analyze the contents of the tank, including testing for hazardous substances. We devise a plan that considers the tank’s location, environmental factors, and needs to fit in with your day-to-day operations and minimize downtime.

Industrial Tank cleaning is carried out either by non-entry methods or by our highly experienced staff working inside the tank. Of course, their safety is paramount, and we carry out complete risk assessments and operate under strict confined space procedures using the latest safety equipment and breathing apparatus.

Mavi Deniz provides the perfect solution. We can mobilize equipment and workforce at short notice to process sludges and waste streams from a wide variety of sources, including fuel and oil tanks, sewers, slop oil tanks, crude oil tanks, ballast tanks, industrial works, locomotive tank cleaning & gas-free service and waste pits to separate the resultant waste from cleaning operations.

Increasingly, we use robust and precise washing heads that minimize the need for potentially dangerous man entry into tanks, reducing risk and improving Health and Safety. In combination with our oil/waste separation systems, this method allows us to offer a total tank cleaning and oil recovery package, thereby reducing the overall cost.

The technology and equipment are designed and engineered to improve the refinery’s efficiency. That makes it cost-beneficial for long-term operations.

Separator systems convert the recovered material into various products for sale, disposal, and recycling. The separator system aims to reduce the content of WATER, OIL, and SOLIDS.

Industrial Tank Cleaning for

  • Crude Oil Tanks
  • Product Terminals
  • Storage Tanks
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Refineries
  • Power Plants
  • Pipelines & Compressor Stations
  • Saltwater Disposal

Vessel Cleaning

Mavi Deniz has the expertise it requires to clean your cargo tanks efficiently. Washing in between different types of cargo is essential. Our team of specialists has the years of experience that it takes to guarantee a high-quality wash. Many ship owners have made cargo tank cleaning routine maintenance between voyages to reduce cargo contamination. Let us take care of your cargo tank cleaning or change of grade cleaning needs today.

An authorized superintendent is responsible for gas-free inspection and certification of all tank cleaning & gas-free conditions of the vessel before the shipyard entrance or during the load/unloading period in the port or anchorage area.


  • Robotic Tank Cleaning
  • Remote Control + Automatic cleaning
  • Man Entry Tank Cleaning
  • The Robot efficiently cuts through sediment/sludge without creating turbidity.
  • Professional safety NO MEN ENTRY process
  • Quicker and safer tank cleaning
  • On-site processing and separation of sludge into 3 phases
  • Clean water is pumped to the desired area (usually back into the tank/basin)
  • Turnkey design and installation
  • Special washing liquid
  • Safe and accurate quantification of sludge
  • Quicker and safer tank cleaning
  • On-line removal of sludge from API separators, DAF sludge unit
  • Separation, classification, and pumping
  • On-site processing and separation of sludge into 3 phases
  • Recovery of product oil to the refinery
  • The a vast reduction in the volume of sediment for disposal.
  • Minimal waste disposal is necessary & lowers the consumption of water, diluent, electricity, and air.
  • Our customers choose the cleaning method they prefer; a no-tank entry to reclaim, recycle and reuse wastewater or a more thorough cleaning with hot or cold-water hydro-blasting.
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