IMO HNS – OPRC Model Training Course

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Imo Oprc model training courses were designed to complement the suite of existing IMO OPRC model courses for preparedness and response to marine oil spills and also courses for preparedness and response to marine incidents involving hazardous and noxious substances.

Training can be included as part of a package or provided on an individual product basis.

MAVI DENIZ’s certified professionals and technical team have considerable experience for many years.

MAVI DENIZ also organizes seminars for shipping, environmental professionals, students, environmental, worker safety and health managers, volunteers from schools, technical colleges, universities, transportation, oil, terminal, port companies, and municipalities & local authorities.

In addition to high-quality oil spill response equipment, Mavi Deniz offers practical, value-added, and cost-effective training ;

The IMO HNS – OPRC Model Courses :

  • IMO Level 1 Operational Staff
  • IMO Level 2 Supervisors and on-scene commanders
  • IMO Level 3 Senior management personnel
  • IMO Refresher Level 1-3
  • HNS – First responders, supervisors and On-Scene Commanders – Operational Level
  • HNS – Administrators and Senior Managers – Manager Level
  • HNS Refresher Level 1-3
  • Training can deliver in your facility at a date that suits all personnel
  • Training, enhance response role familiarity and team performance by training together.
  • Training, greater familiarity with company resources and response materials.