Oil Spill Response – On Land + Shoreline

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MAVI DENIZ is located in Istanbul, Turkey, has response teams on permanent standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Oil Spill Response on land and shoreline

Our experienced teams can respond to the on land and pipeline oil spill from a minor domestic oil spill to major industrial incidents, such as oil pipeline spill, jet fuel spills, and industrial oil storage spills.

On Land and Coastal oil spills slow damage to the environment Spills on land have a higher risk of directly impacting human activities or resources associated with social or economic activities.

When oil does reach the shoreline, considerable effort may be required to clean the affected areas.  The majority of ship-source oil spills occur close to the coast and, as a result, many spills result in contamination of shorelines. Oil reaching stranding on the shore can cause significant environmental and economic impacts and may also largely determine the political and public perception of the scale of the incident, as well as the over costs.

Mavi Deniz can also assist in a variety of land-based responses for petroleum products.

  • Tank farm oil spills
  • Oil pipeline spill
  • Jet fuel spill
  • Industrial oil storage spill
  • Tanker rollover product recovery
  • Rail incident spills
  • Aviation incident spills
  • Contingency planning
  • Site regulatory compliance audits
  • Remediation of contaminated sites
  • Environmental site investigations

Mavi Deniz has proven to address the emergency both safely and more efficiently.

Also, Mavi Deniz can perform remediation operations once the emergency phase has completed. We have personnel and subcontractors who can help return the surrounding environment to its original condition, with services ranging from site assessment to bioremediation.