Oil Spill Response – Open Waters + Offshore


Mavi Deniz is the most significant private company in the region in both marine and land-based Oil Spill Response + Oil Spill Prevention. Our expertise extends from the large-scale marine petroleum oil spill response to small unknown hazardous material response. Mavi Deniz is offering complete packages for Oil Spill Response on open waters and offshore.

We have trained managers, supervisors, and technicians available to assist with your specific response needs, as well as the equipment and materials to provide turn-key of Emergency Spill Response and Spill Prevention. Personnel and project-specific resumes are available upon request, as well as client references.

Once the oil is spilled at sea, it will naturally spread, fragment and disperse under the influence of wind, waves, and currents.

Our relationships with industry, regulatory agencies, and local concerns are unparalleled. Few organizations can offer a broader experience.

Mavi Deniz offers :

  • 7 x 24 emergency Oil Spill Response and Oil Spill Prevention in incidents
  • To prevent the spill from reaching the shore,
  • To reduce the impact on marine life
  • To speed the degradation of any unrecovered oil.

Dispersants are chemical agents (similar to soaps and detergents) that help break up an oil slick into very small droplets, which dilute throughout the water. While this does not remove the spilled material, smaller oil particles are more easily biodegraded and it provides a measure of protection for sensitive habitats threatened by a surface slick. Dispersants are sprayed onto spills by specially equipped boats or planes.

Dispersants, applied to the spill via vessels or planes, can be effective in breaking up spills of light- or medium-density oils.  as a final “polish” after other response options have been used.