Ship to Ship Transfer ( STS ) + Lightering

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Mavi Deniz’s technicians have a considerable amount of Ship to Ship Transfer (STS), Lightering expertise in the safe and pollution free fuel and cargo removal from ships in distress/difficulties and from wrecks.

Ship to Ship Transfer ( STS ) services done where cargo, usually crude oil or, are transferred between seagoing vessels moored alongside each other. Also, such operation taken placed when one ship is at anchor, or when both are underway.

Ship to Ship Operation, Lightering includes the use of individual pumps, fenders, and hoses systems to pump even highly viscous oils which are proven for :

  • Removal and transfer of fuel, oil and dangerous chemicals from the sunken or grounded vessels
  • Transfer operation of cargo
  • Transfer Pumping of highly viscous fuel oil, crude oil or petroleum products
  • Underwater fuel and cargo removal from the wreck
  • Removal and disposal of the collected dangerous wastes
  • All guidelines to be followed as per MEPC 59, MARPOL Annex 1 chapter 8, SOPEP, SMPEP, STS transfer guide and operational plan, including port state authority.

Ship to Ship Transfer, Lightering We have several years of experience and managed by staff who can coordinate full offshore logistics assistance to our clients. We have been subcontracted in SAIPEM 7 and SCARABEO projects as some phases of converted and repairing operation in dockyard under BASARAN Group.

We are one of the leading providers of marine / offshore support services to the oil & gas industry in and the whole of Turkey, with its resplendent. As a result, there is a rise in demand for the services of professional marine stuff. Aware of this need, Mavi Deniz has dedicated vessels and equipment ready for immediate mobilization.

For Ship to ship operation, We have a wide range of vessels ( barges, workboat, tugboat, oil recovery vessels ) and equipment ( including pumps, generators, cutting and welding units, diving equipment, yokohama fenders, hoses includes firefighting, oil pollution control, and dispersant equipment. )

In our base or remote location, Mavi Deniz delivers different levels of ( oil spill response, hazardous response, incident command system, crisis management ) training courses to industry and public sectors as well as equipment-specific training and commissioning.

Mavi Deniz offers oil spill and emergency response services. That includes services such as oil spill response at sea, fuel and cargo removal, ship to ship transfer, waste minimization/disposal, and professional diving services.

Mavi Deniz also provides equipment rental, training courses, and emergency preparedness/consultancy services to the oil & gas sector. Our full range of engineering facilities and logistics support, ensures that we can operate efficiently at remote locations.