debris-barrier-system11th June 2016, Hydroelectric power plants, known as HEPPs with the capacity of 36,26 MW has signed the agreement with Mavi Deniz to install DEBRIS BARRIER system to prevent its trash rake cleaner which is located Giresun province (province Çepni) is a district. County forms the majority of the Turkmen people Çepniler. North and east Espie, Alucra, and Şebinkarahisar in the south-west is neighboring with Kesap and Dereli district. The founded district, 14 km inside the sea is 50 m altitude.
Mavi Deniz is the World Leader when it comes to floating debris control. We offer multiple styles of log & debris barrier system used to control floating trash, invasive aquatic plants such as milfoil and hyacinth, floating garbage, trees, leaves, sticks and other floating debris.
Commonly referred to as log and debris barrier, Mavi Deniz’s debris barriers are designed for long-term life expectancy. Unlike standard river containment booms, Mavi Deniz’s barriers are engineered to withstand the massive loads created when high surface water velocities combine with heavy surface debris and floating trash, high winds and changing water levels.
DEBRIS BARRIER is backed by Mavi Deniz’s commitment to outstanding customer service that includes quality engineering, installation support, large inventory and dedicated logistics personnel.

Debris Control

  • Logs, Tree Trunks, Sticks, Leaves.
  • Trash, floating cups, cans, bottles, and other man-made litter.
  • Vegetation, Water Hyacinth, Grass, Milfoil, seaweed.
  • Ice & slush (frazil ice)

Dam Safety

  • Public Safety Boat Barriers
  • Morning Glory Hole Protection
  • Canoe & Kayak Portage Guide Barriers
  • Spillway Boat Barriers
  • Intake Protection
  • Night time Lighted Barriers