One of two cargo ships sank after they collided off Darica hamlet of Gebze town of the northwestern city of Kocaeli. One person was reported missing after the collision and another was injured. Sources told the A.A correspondent that 2,247 gross ton-cargo ship “Turgut Kocabas” laden with 2735 tons of pig iron and 8,220 gross ton-cargo ship named “Zinnet Mete” laden with 11500 tons of coil iron collided off Darica on Tuesday. 2,247 gross ton-cargo ship sank after the collision. 15 of 16 crewmen of the ship named “Turgut Kocabas” were rescued. One person of rescued crewmen who was injured in the collision was hospitalized. On the other hand, as a result of search and rescue operations body of the lost person was recovered on 06.09.2007 at 09:50 and delivered to the Naval Police that was reported died. As a result of collision, the vessel named TURGUT KOCABAS sank off at the depth of 60 meters and on position of 40 45′.l 44N 029 21.540 E. Mavi Deniz mobilized its equipments immediately to the place of accident including pumps, inflatable boats, oil recovery vessel, oil booms, absorbent pads, absorbent booms, chemicals, anchors with man power to clean the surface of sea water from the oil slick and clean the harbour, beach areas, marshes, rocks and sensitive areas, etc. 600 m of oil booms deployed to the accident areas. After cleanup operation finished, l O tons of oily waste materials transported to the lzaydas Waste reception facility.