NIGERIA NAVY26th January 2017, Mavi Deniz make visits to Nigeria Navy Base located Warri and its stuff commanders for plans of Navy regarding controlling on the maritime security. We will “Build Strategy” for developing the both parties interests.

Floating Security Barriers or Marine fences are necessary to protect coastal assets like seaport, military base, nuclear power plant, fuel storage facility, space vehicle launch facility from sea-based terrorist attacks on the sea. Nigerian Maritime security is to be strengthened with the new physical floating barrier with new RHIB fast control boats.

Mavi Deniz also signs the agreement with Warri Shipyard, Nigeria to develop their capacity and gives engineering on the RHIB project for Nigerian Navy needs/requirements.NAVY FLOATING BARRIER

Floating and fixed waterside protection barriers

Key benefits of Mavi Deniz Waterside protection barriers include:

  • Proven high boat-stopping capability (realistic full-scale test)
  • Our high density, black polyethylene pontoon material gives our clients more than 20 years of UV protection.
  • Over or under passing of attacking boats is not possible
  • Low maintenance, high durability, and easy inspection
  • Good security visibility (no hiding behind barrier)
  • UV, fire, blast and gunshot resistance
  • Designed to specific needs and local conditions