Soylu Ship Recycling Fuel Oil Leakage – Aliağa

at sea oil spill response anti pollution vesselThe oil-based substance leaking from the cargo ship dismantled in a Ship recycling facility in Aliağa district of İzmir caused pollution.

Mavi Deniz Oil Spill Response Teams  ( Shoreline team + At sea team ) intervened in oil spill pollution.

At Sea, The oil spill, surrounded by oil barrier and oil boom, sea surface cleaned by Basaran II anti-pollution vessel. Oil skimmer and oil absorbents used for sea surface cleaning.


shoreline oil spill response 2


Shoreline, oil spill response team worked on the ALDER Fisher Shelter area and Avcı Ramadan Park. Inside of Alder, sea surface cleaned by oil absorbents and boat sides is cleaned by a diver from the oil spill. Also, the Avcı Ramadan Park shoreline area cleaned from the oil spill.

At sea and shoreline operations done with success. Oil Spill waste stored in the barrels. Collected oil spill wastes delivered to the licensed waste disposal facility.