1st April 2015 we supply 6 m Mini Cat  trash-skimmer Boat with Inland & Coastal Waters Cleaner type to Municipalities in order to use in the Mediterranean Sea for collecting all kinds of floating and semi-submerged pollutants include plastics materials, trashes, litter, bottles, cigarette, woods, algae, solid debris, and organic matters. A turbine pulls a stream of water through a tank with a mesh to filter out solid waste.

Mavi Deniz’s Garbage Recovery Vessels can be seen in use all over the world.





  • Collection of Solid floating waste and semi submerged macro pollutants (plastic, plants, cans, wood, algae, seaweed, etc.)
  • Garbage stores in container


Quantity: 2 pcs
Length: 6.4 m
Beam: 2.5 m
Draft: 0.8 m
Garbage Waste Tank: 1 m3
Hull Type: Aluminum