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Mavi Deniz gives solution for your needs and supply dam cleaning equipment includes trash rack cleaning machines, garbage barrier boom system for garbage collection system in the dams, garbage collection boats or either sediment cleaning in the dam bottom.

As our customer needs worldwide most equipment can be equipped with an additional crane and auxiliary equipment for stop log handling, removal of trees, etc.

Mavi Deniz equipment is standardized but can be adapted to the customer´s specific requirements.

The efficiency of a hydropower plant is directly related to the reduction of the heat loss. Therefore, proper trash rack cleaning during full operation of the facility is a top priority. Trash rack cleaning machines designed by Mavi Deniz are optimized for efficiency.

Whether the problem is grass, leaves, branches, trees, plastic, or sediment. Mavi Deniz has developed various systems for the removal and disposal of debris.

Garbage collection boats are designed for all kinds of surface solid wastes in the dam water surface.

Whether the problem is sediments at the bottom, Mavi Deniz has developed multi-purpose dredger with various systems included.

Mavi Deniz rack cleaning machines or conveyor systems are easy to operate and adapt perfectly to the customer’s needs.