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MAVI DENIZ Environmental Protection Services Co, our mission is to protect and preserve the ecosystems of our aquatic environments, seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, dams, lagoons, streams, and beaches globally development of pollution control to oil spill recovery solutions.

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, MAVI DENIZ Corporation is aggressive, privately held by the management company. In the early years, the primary activity consisted of shipbuilding and ship repairing under the BASARAN Group, which the shipyard is located in Pendik, Istanbul, Turkey. MAVI DENIZ is the world leader in the market for the building of oil recovery vessels. In the shipyard, we are also building cutter suction dredgers, multi-purpose dredgers for the dredging market in the World.

Due to this beneficial co-operation, the company gained valuable experience and understanding of the existing oil recovery and response market’s strengths and limitations.


Dry Docks300 m x 70 m x 8,5 m
Crain Lifting Capacity1 x 450 T + 1 x 300 T Gantry
Docking AreaMax. 170,000 DWT
Slipways200 m x 40 m
Hangar90 m x 40 m

MAVI DENIZ offers :

  • 24-hour oil spill response services ( oil spill response at sea / on land/pipelines )
  • Chemical spill emergency response services
  • Oil recovery vessel, trash skimmer boat, weed harvester, dredgers, pontoons, workboats, landing crafts, fast pollution response/patrol boats manufacturing
  • Oil spill response & antipollution equipment manufacturing
  • Offshore logistic and support services
  • Beach cleaning machines manufacturing
  • Beach/shorelines/waterways cleaning and decontamination/restoration services
  • Site remediation ( canals, hes, dams, lakes, beaches, rocky shores, and docks )
  • Dredging services ( mud removal, vegetation removal, algae removal, and sediment controlling )
  • Pumping of oil from grounded or sunken vessels, transfer of oil ship to ship, comprehensive diving, marine salvage & towing, and wreck removal services
  • Tank cleaning and gas-free services
  • Contingency planning and risk assessment for oil terminals, ports, and other high-risk areas and exercises for oil pollution incidents response
  • Equipment rental services
  • MARPOL Waste management services ( collection, storage, transportation, disposal ) of collected garbage, heavy residues, oil, sludge, and chemicals
  • Consultancy services
  • IMO Training courses ( Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3 )

MAVI DENIZ design, manufacture, and supply a wide variety of state-of-the-art oil spill response equipment and systems to provide high-quality spill response service for all types of pollution ranging from small localized oil spills large spills on the open sea or land.

MAVI DENIZ manufacturers & supply of a complete line of oil containment booms, oil skimmers, sorbents (Pad, Booms, Pillows, Particulates, Granules), spill kits, boom reels, storage containers, beach cleaning systems, dispersant spraying systems, pumps, power packs, temporary storage tanks, oily water separator, incinerator, fender systems, navigation/mooring buoys, anti-pollution workboats, debris recovery vessels, oil spill response vessels and dredgers designed to recover oil, chemicals, debris from the surface of the water and submerged wastes, solid oils, sediments, vegetation, muds from the bottom of water both in the offshore and inshore.

MAVI DENIZ also provides ecological multipurpose response boats and vessels and machines for garbage collection, oil collection, algae and weed collection, sediment & mud collection, water oxygenation, monitoring, dispersant spraying, boom towing and laying, equipment/personnel transport, patrol, and firefighting.

Most of the MAVI DENIZ’s equipment has been specially designed “in-house” and has consequently earned international patents and trademarks. This Group has been investing in research and development in the Environment with particular interests in marine ecology since the ’90s.

MAVI DENIZ Co, as an oil spill contractor, operates and stocks 15 OSRV oil spill response vessels, 2 barges, 2500 mt oil booms, 10000 mt sorbents, 15 oil skimmers, 10 Yokohama Fenders, 2 beach cleaning machines, trucks, pumps, hoses, high-pressure cleaners, and huge amount of antipollution equipment for emergencies. Our oil spill recovery vessels are on standby at Bosporus, Marmara Sea, Black Sea, Aegean Sea, and Mediterranean Sea to prevent any oil spill in the region. MAVI DENIZ has a global presence that enables us to react quickly and efficiently to every oil spill operation & situation.

MAVI DENIZ has grown to become one of the leaders in the supply of marine and industrial environmental protection services in Turkey. When an oil spill occurs, MAVI DENIZ mobilizes specialized oil spill response equipment, using either its personnel or personnel under contract, to provide emergency response services for both land and marine oil spills. MAVI DENIZ can provide IMO oil spill response training for Incident Management to operational/safety training for any given situation, from major incidents to smaller spills.