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Mavi Deniz manufacture and supplies equipment, product, vessel, and services to more than 55 countries worldwide.

MAVI DENIZ Environmental Protection Services Co, our mission is to protect and preserve the ecosystems of our aquatic environments, seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, dams, lagoons, streams, and beaches globally through pollution control to oil spill recovery solutions.

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, MAVI DENIZ Corporation is aggressive and privately held by the management company. In the early years, the primary activity consisted of shipbuilding and ship repairing under the BASARAN Group, a shipyard located in Pendik, Istanbul, Turkey. MAVI DENIZ is the world leader in the market for the building of oil recovery vessels. In the shipyard, we are also building cutter suction dredgers and multi-purpose dredgers for the dredging market in the World.

Due to this beneficial cooperation, the company gained valuable experience and understanding of the existing oil recovery and response market’s strengths and limitations.

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