21st August 2020, Mavi Deniz has signed a contract to supply absorbents of sorbent boom, sorbent pads, sorbent granules, and sorbent rolls to Georgia.ABSORBENTS GEORGIA 1
Oil Sorbent Pads are recommended for minor water spills and in-plant use. Excellent for pipelines, shipyards, ship and yachts decks,
factories, industrial plants, loading docks, machine and maintenance shops, fire departments, municipal spill response, or anywhere liquid, chemical, or oil spills occur. Oil Absorbent Rolls are developed for in-plant use or wherever employees can track oil or spills—generally used selectively. Oil Sorbent Booms are used for marine or land-based spills. Mavi Deniz Oil Sorbent Booms are a cost-effective way of recovering small and medium-sized oil/chemicals spills from warehouses, factories, drain protection, streams, lagoons, settlement ponds, harbors, rivers, or for shoreline protection absorbing oil petroleum-based fluids off land or water.

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