26th April 2019, Oil Spill Detection System is installed in Iran. It provides and detects the Tier 1 oil spill to show the experienced environmental response personnel arrives in the spillage area faster.

Oil Spill Detection 2Mavi Deniz has unrivaled experience providing oil spill response services to the full spectrum of spill-related incidents that threaten the environment. Our highly trained oil spill response personnel cover over 500 incidents covering industrial, coastal, and offshore installations.

The Oil Spill Detection System is a non-contact sensor for detecting oil on water. Highly accurate and easy to maintain, the device detects and alerts you to unsuspecting oil spills. It provides 24/7 industrial and environmental water monitoring, whether at effluent discharge or influent intake points.

Detectable Oils: motor oils, turbine oils, vegetable oils, lubricant oils, hydraulic oils, mineral oils, fuel oils, marine diesel oils, crude oils, heating oils, gas oils, bunker fuels, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, aviation fuel.

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