10th July 2017, Mavi Deniz has been subcontracted beach cleaning, and dam cleaning with 80 personnel includes beach cleaning machines, tractors, 8 pcs 4×4 pick-ups, 3 pcs coastal trash collection boats to collects trash, solid waste, plastics, nylon, weeds, cigarette, and garbage’s on the dam, rivers in the city of Adana Municipality for long-term operating services.Beach Cleaning Service Municipality 2

We segregated the group into two parts — one that picks up trashes on the beach, and the other collects plastic and other pieces of debris in the dam area. After the clean-up, we could see that water had become clearer closer to the shoreline.

The Head of the maritime department at the Municipality said most wastes came from tourists and trade ships. “They either pass by, dumping all kinds of waste, or they overload trade ships.

There are many penalties for breaching the rules of disposing of waste.

People need to understand the importance of keeping the sea clean. You can see many people on boats throwing rubbish into the dam.

Littered butts also continue to be a major concern because they are non-biodegradable and leach toxins into the water,

poisoning marine life,” the report states. “They also move with ease through our stormwater systems, meaning a cigarette but need not be dropped.

directly at the beach to find its way there.”

By 2050 the plastic pollution in the oceans may outweigh the animals that live there.

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