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The Weed Cat is a multi-purpose Aquatic Weed Harvester designed to cut and harvest underwater weeds, reeds, and other aquatic plant life for inland watercourse management. The Weed Cat, an aquatic harvesting machine, is a worldwide built-in series to the proven, reliable standard design with high-quality standardized components and equipment.

When the plants grow more quickly, increasing run-off fertilizers and effluent exacerbates the problem. Irrigation ditches and pumps can become overgrown with vegetation, power stations, factory water intakes can get blocked, boats can get hindered, fish stocks can be disrupted, and water moves more slowly, resulting in greater evapotranspiration and a greater risk of flooding. Aquatic weeds are part of a balanced ecosystem, mainly introduced species of water plants that become invasive and cause problems by congestion with water bodies. The worst culprits in temperate and tropical waterways are floating plants such as water hyacinth, water lettuce, and Salvinia, fully submerged rooting plants such as hydrilla, watermilfoil, and rooting plants that reach the surface such as cattail, papyrus, bulrush, and reed.

Aquatic Weed Harvester collects semi-submerged pollutants, algae, weeds, plastic materials, woods, trash, litter, bottles, solid debris, and organic matter close to shore & in marinas, lakes, ponds, dams, swamps, canals, bays, port areas, and other waterways.

Aquatic Weed Harvester is an effective clearing solution for aquatic weeds. It can also operate in narrow and shallow waters where larger vessels with the same technical abilities would not have access—designed and equipped for marinas, lakes, bogs, dams, swamps, port areas, canals, bays, and coasts.

Aquatic Weed Harvester has developed systems/attachments for harvesting, transporting, and dumping weeds. A hydraulic conveyor belt is installed in front of the vessel, which collects the floating biomasses. A highly efficient hydraulic system employing moving gear drives the plant chopping cutting equipment. Weed Cat cuts the weeds; they fall back onto a continuously revolving conveyor and drop into the storage hold. With newly designed Weed Cat can collect floating plants, water hyacinth, Salvinia, duckweeds, algae, rooted submerged, milfoil, elodea, hydrilla, pondweeds, eelgrass, rooted emerged, bulrushes, cattails, reeds, sawgrass, sedges. Our engineering office will be pleased to design a weed collection boat suitable for your specific requirements.

International Maritime Organization announced a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to zero by the end of this century, and marine environmental regulations have been tightened worldwide. The implementation of emission control areas has begun to affect vessel operations. Mavi Deniz has successfully started new emission control regulations by developing dual-fuel solutions and cleaner green power technologies. Mavi Deniz’s Green Power Options; Solar Energy System, Battery Power System, Hydrogen Fuel Cell System, and LPG System can fully integrate into Aquatic Weed Harvester, including deck equipment and propulsion system.

Aquatic Weed Harvester Green Power Options

  • Powered by Solar Energy System
  • Powered by Battery Power System
  • Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell System
  • Powered by LPG System


  • Aquatic Weed Harvester is based on a robust steel catamaran or monohull.
  • A heavy-duty construction.
  • Collects floating & semi-submerged wastes. ( woods, trashes, litter, bottles, solid debris, etc. )
  • Aquatic Weed Harvester cut and collected floating vegetation, weeds, water hyacinth, Salvinia, duckweeds, algae, rooted submerged, Eurasian milfoil, elodea, hydrilla, eelgrass, pondweeds, rooted emerged, bulrushes, cattails, reeds, sawgrass, and sedge.


  • Sun/Rain Canopy
  • Operator Cabin
  • Dispersant spraying
  • Firefighting
  • Air conditioner
  • Trailer Conveyor
  • Shore Conveyor
  • Tilt Deck Trailer
Weed Cat 5Weed Cat 9Weed Cat 10Weed Cat 12
Length5 m9.5 m10 m12.3 m
Beam2.5 m3.6 m3.9 m4.4 m
Draft0.3 m0.35 m0.45 m0.55 m
Height2.0 m2.3 m2.4 m2.5 m
Cutting Width1.20 m1.50 m1.80 m2.10 m
Cutting Depth1.10 m1.30 m1.50 m1.70 m
Conveyor MeshGalvanized (Standard) | Stainless Steel (Optional)
Hull TypeSteel (Standard) | Aluminum (Optional)
Weed Waste Tank Capacity2 m³5.7 m³7.3 m³13 m³
Fuel Tank20 lt.40 lt.50 lt.60 lt.
EngineAir-Cooled Diesel, 15 HPAir-Cooled Diesel, 25 HPWater Cooled Diesel, 28 HPWater Cooled Diesel, 60 HP
Speed4 - 3 mph4 - 3 mph4 - 3 mph4 - 3 mph
ElectronicsNavigational Safety LightsNavigational Safety LightsNavigational Safety LightsNavigational Safety Lights
WheelhouseOperator’s Seat with full instrumentation control panel without cabin
OptionalSun/Rain Canopy / Shore Conveyor / Trailer Conveyor / Tilt Deck Trailer / Horn / Radio / Search Lights / Deck Lights / Air conditioner / WC / shower Seats / Jib Crane ( 0.5t @ 7m ) / First Aid Kit / Fire Monitor / Fenders Operator Cabin / Spare Parts Kits Navigation Equipments (Radar, GPS, Echo-sounder, Compass, VHF)
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